November 2, 2023

From Burnt Out to Bright Future: A Fresh Start for One Tucson Medspa

Moxie Team
"With Moxie, we've experienced unprecedented growth in such a short time. It's like they handed us the key to unlock our medspa's true potential.”

—Nicole Morgan, FNP-C, owner of Juvenescence.

Nicole Morgan’s lifelong passion has been helping people through medicine. For nearly three decades, she has been in the medical field. From the emergency room floor to family nurse practitioner, Nicole has done it all. 

A few years ago, Nicole felt the urge to step into something “satisfyingly different.” "I was coming to the point where I craved a new outlet. I wanted more balance and to treat people that wanted to look and feel better.”

With a call for change, Nicole started where many budding entrepreneurs do: asking herself, “What now?”

Nicole put out feelers within her community. "I came across a podcast hosted by a PA who had started his own medical aesthetics practice in Las Vegas and he was introducing a way to work for yourself, beginning with Botox. He was talking about it and it all felt feasible. So instead of working for someone else, I continued researching and asking questions. Then it all started to kick off.” 

Although entrepreneurship wasn’t something Nicole had considered before, she was compelled to move forward. In 2021, Nicole pursued an in-depth injector training and decided to get the show on the road…with a mobile botox clinic!

“I Didn’t Know if I Could Keep Doing It”

The early days were riddled with uncertainty. Nicole shares, “I started with mobile Botox but we didn't get a lot of traction. I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to get our name out there.”

In a highly competitive industry, Nicole knew that marketing was critical, but it was proving to be a major challenge. While Nicole was a respected medical professional in Tucson, she hadn’t worn the hat of a new age “business owner.” 

“When I started, there was a lack of knowledge on my part. Optimizing for the internet and running social media do not come naturally to me.” Nicole adds, “I needed help and several marketing companies would say they would get our name out there, but unfortunately, it never amounted to anything aside from a huge financial burden. We tried to do things organically, but it was tough.” About this time, Nicole’s mother Carol, a Registered Nurse took an interest and became a certified injector as well. She is now Nicole’s business partner.

During this trialing and erroring, Nicole scored a medical suite in a great location. She was optimistic that a fixed address and expanded service offerings would generate more bookings. However, things remained stagnant. 

Occasionally, on open days, there would not be any bookings. 

“Even with a great location, we ran into the same difficulties like generating Google ratings, having an SEO website, and finding the right partnerships. We never seemed to crack the code—we were operating all by word of mouth.”

Nicole knew that something had to give. She admits that she was close to calling it quits, sharing that “I was feeling burnt out and I didn’t know if I could keep doing it.”

But as luck would have it, Nicole’s husband Jason, wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. Jason, a business owner who understands the struggle, came to Nicole with one more idea: Moxie. 

Breathing New Life into Juvenescence

Having worked with other partners that promised growth and guidance but under-delivered, Nicole was uncertain.“After we’d gone through a couple of partners and marketing companies, I was tired. I didn’t know if I could continue to put energy into it.”

However, Nicole agreed that there was more to gain than lose and set up the call with Moxie. “When we had our onboarding interview, it was all really positive. We explained our situation and that we’ve already tried this and that. I felt like they got us and understood our position.”

Nicole felt seen. “We had already covered most of the onboarding but wanted help getting new clients in the door. Moxie said they would meet us where we were, and help us get to where we needed to go.”

Nicole decided that she owed it to her business to give it one last push. She partnered with Moxie shortly after her first call, saying that without a “big, scary downpayment, it was a no-brainer.”

Within three weeks, Nicole and Juvenescence had completely transitioned over to Moxie’s EMR. Key business decisions were made and new ads were created and set live.

“Getting set up with Moxie was totally seamless. We had a debate on whether or not I should be my own medical director, and Moxie helped to solve that right away. They knew what would be most beneficial, and we did it. It was all very impressive.” 

With Moxie in her corner, Nicole had front-row seats to her own “before” and “after”.

Taking-Off and No Looking Back

Within a couple of weeks, Juvenescence was seeing a noticeable difference. The social media campaigns, targeted ads, and expert advice were breathing new life into Nicole’s medspa. For the first time, it felt like things were starting to click. 

"Before we had worked with competitor partners and tried a bunch of different things and presumably had ads running. With Moxie, it’s actually working. Within three weeks, we had ads running and new bookings.” 

Nicole describes how quickly it all happened, recalling, “We got on a call with Kendra and she said, ‘Oh, and you guys have a couple of appointments this weekend’. We said ‘What?!’. We hadn’t realized that it had started or that it was already working!”.

For Nicole and Juvenescence, Moxie was the missing link. "Working with Moxie, it's the first time we've experienced real traction. Even though we’ve been open for a couple of years, it feels like the beginning."

And it is a new beginning. With ads converting into appointments and new customers in her chair, Nicole can breathe a sigh of relief. "We're finally growing. Right now, I have up to four appointments on my open days. When you start with zero, this is great. And it keeps growing."

Future-Planning and Paying it Forward

In her second month partnered with Moxie, Nicole has been able to turn off survival mode and focus on tomorrow. 

“Because of Moxie, there is a future to plan for. As we’re getting busier, we’re having conversations for the first time. For instance, we’re talking about bringing in another injector—this would have never been a consideration before.”

With future planning underway, Nicole is finally being rewarded for her resilience, risk-taking and years of hard work. In reflecting on her journey and where she wants to go, Nicole shared that she wants to pay it forward. 

“Other nurses are tired—we’ve all done the floor work and it’s tough. It’s also really hard to get into aesthetics. If I can use my medspa to provide training to other nurses and grow myself while giving others opportunities, this would be the best.”

Leading with integrity and a sense of community, Nicole found these values reciprocated in Moxie. “I really value integrity and people who are honest about what they're doing. There's a shortage of that—especially in this industry. Moxie has been honest about everything and set clear expectations. People are looking for trustworthy mentors, and I think they’ll find that here.”

In closing out our conversation, Nicole urged anyone considering opening a medspa to go with Moxie straight away. 

“If you have it on your mind to open a medspa business, before you even take the first step, go with Moxie. They are going to hold your hand and take so much pressure off. If you’re entertaining doing your own thing, just start with Moxie. I wish that I had.”

And while Nicole may have taken the long road to get to where she is today, she will undoubtedly help to pave the way for countless others.

The Stats

  • Nicole is a CNP specializing in Family Medicine.
  • Opened Juvenescence in Tucson, Arizona in 2021.
  • After struggling with marketing and growth, partnered with Moxie in August 2023. 
  • Went from contract-signed to live with ads and bookings in under 3 weeks.
  • Booking link.
  • Website.
  • Facebook.

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