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Apr 10, 2023

The National Laser Institute is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing comprehensive, hands-on training in medical aesthetics, laser technology, and cosmetic injectables. Established in 2003, the Institute has since emerged as a premier training center for professionals seeking to enter or advance in the field of medical aesthetics. NLI is a national leader in cosmetic laser training and has been approved by the Post Secondary Educational Board.

Dallas, TX
Scottsdale, AZ
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
Newport Beach, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Las Vegas, NV
Nashville, TN
San Antonio, TX
Tucson, AZ
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
Detroit, MI
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National Laser Institute

Techniques Taught
Laser hair removal
Laser tattoo removal
RF Treatment

courses offered

2-Day Botox and Filler Course
2 days
State license:
The 2-Day Botox and Filler course, designed for healthcare professionals, covers theory and hands-on training in a medical spa. Taught by experienced experts, the course helps integrate cosmetic injections into practice, improve client communication, and capitalize on the growing US market.
Advanced Botox And Dermal Fillers Course
2 days
State license:
The Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers Course, designed for experienced injectors, covers innovative dermal injection applications. Instructors teach combining BOTOX® and fillers for optimal results, boosting practice revenue. The course emphasizes total facial rejuvenation techniques, hands-on exper
Comprehensive Hybrid Laser Course
40 + 9 days in-person
State license:
The Hybrid Laser Course offers online and in-person training. The online phase covers laser techniques, safety, and consultation, while the in-person provides experience in a med spa setting. Participants learn techniques, including hair reduction, tattoo removal, photofacial, and skin rejuvenation.
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National Laser Institute

BEST DECISION EVER!!! If you are considering aesthetic nursing, do it. And do it HERE! I learned everything in such a positive and encouraging environment, I felt like I could walk out of those doors and start working! National Laser Institute opens up a hold new world for nurses! Welcome to happy medicine! :)

Camille K.
Feb 27, 2023

Staff is so informative. So kind. Overall awesome staff made this the best experience! I’ve met some lifetime friends!

Samaiyah F
Dec 20, 2022

My daughter and I both became licensed Laser Technicians through this amazing school!! We had a mind blowing experience! There's 24 years between us and we both learned well, and enjoyed the learning and hands on training!! We loved clinicals, being able to jump right in and start using all the different kinds of machines!! It's an invaluable opportunity, jump on!! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Shasta L.
Nov 20, 2022

AMAZING !!! Not only are they thorough instructors, they focus on SAFETY! They are knowledgeable and go over rheology in depth. I have been to this school twice already. I have been an ICU nurse for 6 years and I decided to leave because of the burnout, anxiety, and depression from COVID.Louis the owner was amazing, helpful, and passionate ! He is a marketing guru and always there to help or answer any questions!

Karina L.
Oct 24, 2023

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National Laser Institute

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