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Unlocking Entrepreneurial Opportunity for Those with the Moxie to Take the Leap

Our Mission

At Moxie, we’re on a mission to empower and embolden aesthetic entrepreneurs with the tools, technology, and coaching they need to launch, run, and grow their own medspas, successfully competing (and winning) against even the biggest medspa chains.

An image of a nurse that successfully launched a medspa with Moxie
An image of a nurse with her medspa medical director
An image of a successful medspa CEO that partners with Moxie
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An image of a successful medspa owner that has launched a medspa with Moxie

Our story

Jan 2022

Personal friend tries to launch their own medspa–met with red tape and exorbitant expenses

February 2022

Interview and shadow 50+ medspas and discover an opportunity to help independent medspas thrive

April 2022

Dan, Sam, and Emma find a way to help their friend launch successfully—and officially launch Moxie

October 2022

Launched Moxie Suite - the best of an EMR + CRM, purpose-built for medspas

August 2023

Moxie raises $15.7 million to help even more ambitious entrepreneurs realize their dream

September 2023

Launch Moxie Supplies to give providers pricing power of big chains

January 2024

Hire general counsel from nation’s largest medspa chain

Present Day

Helping 250+ medspa entrepreneurs launch, run, and grow their businesses

A Team of Medspa Business Experts In Your Corner

Our clients turn to us not just to build a business—but to build a better future (for themselves, and their families). With Moxie, you have medspa business veterans in your corner to coach you, support you, and celebrate you every step of the way.

An image of Nicole, a medspa legal expert at Moxie
General Counsel

Former General Counsel for the nation’s largest medspa chain + leading medspa legal expert

An image of Abby, a medspa success manager and medspa business coach at Moxie
Provider Success Manager

Grew a medspa from a single basement suite to one of the largest chains in Sweden

An image of Kendra, a medspa success manager and medspa business coach at Moxie
Provider Success Manager

Developed + grew successful med spas inside of a large luxury gym chain

An image of Stephanie, a medspa success manager and medspa business coach at Moxie
Provider Success Manager

Led + trained medspa leaders for the second largest chain in the U.S.

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Core Values

Act as Owners

We act with ownership of our actions and company. When we do what we say, we build trust with our clients and each other.

Give More Than You Take

We succeed when our clients and our teammates succeed. We always go above and beyond for our clients (and for each other).

Speed with Care

Like an operating room, we support our providers with urgency, precision, care. We look to solve problems today—not tomorrow.

We Simplify + Learn, Every Day

We turn confusion and complexity into clarity and simplicity. Every day, we find ways to get better, asking for feedback and always learning.

grow with us


Moxie is a fast-growing, well-funded, early-stage company. We operate remote-first and offer competitive salary and stock compensation, as well as generous health/dental/vision coverage.

We’re incredibly mission-driven, and work every day to build the tools and services that help our customers — 90%+ of which are female first-time business owners — compete against the biggest chains.

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