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With Moxie, you’re getting the tools and team to realize your dream


Moxie partners launch in 30-60 days while saving more than 50% compared to typical medspas.

Save time, stress, and money with an expert launch guide who can cut through the red tape of your state's process for opening a compliant medspa.

Find a medical director
Legal templates
Secure appropriate insurance
Support selecting an initial location
Select your launch menu and pricing


Moxie makes your brand shine with lessons learned from MedSpas across the country.

We know how to tell your MedSpa's story in a way that brings clients through the door, with marketing ROIs of up to 1400%.

Set up your website and booking link
Manage paid marketing across Instagram and Facebook
Build online reputation: playbook for driving 5-star reviews
Design a membership program to keep people coming back

Manage & Save

Run your practice like you've been doing it for years.

Rely on expert systems, playbooks, and coaching to take the stress out of being a business owner.

Use Moxie Suite – an all-in-one system designed specifically for medspas.
Access discounts on your most important supplies so you make more from every treatment
Reach your potential faster with regular coaching sessions with an expert

Don’t make these common mistakes

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Selecting new partners

The ideal Moxie partner is an NP, RN, PA, DO, or MD. Experience as an injector is strongly preferred but not required. Our process begins with a phone call to learn more about your experience and share more about how we work. We’re looking to understand that you’ll deliver exceptional care to your clients and are committed to building a successful business.

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We succeed when you succeed with no fixed monthly fees.
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