March 23, 2023

Launching Well & Beautiful Med Spa: From Nurse-on-the-Move to Mom-To-Be & Med Spa Owner!

Moxie Team

From Nurse to Aesthetics Entrepreneur

Ali was a nurse for over a decade before we met her in the fall of 2022. Ali had long wanted to build her own aesthetics practice: she was particularly attracted to the prospect of delivering more personalized 1:1 care, getting to know her clients more deeply, and supporting their progress over the long term. That type of deeply personal care is what brought her to nursing to begin with, but she couldn’t find opportunities to do so in a traditional healthcare setting.

Life circumstances prevented Ali from taking the plunge for years; as a military spouse, she was regularly on the move as her husband was re-stationed. But the stars finally aligned in 2022: she and her husband decided to settle for the long-term in North Carolina. In addition, she started undergoing IVF with the goal of starting a family, which made it even more important for her to be able to set her own schedule instead of being subject to the whims of a hospital system. 

In Ali’s words: 

It was time to do something for my soul rather than just for my bank account. I just found out I was pregnant, and it was the perfect time in my life to start creating and building.

Ali trained with the National Laser Institute and then received additional in-spa experience by shadowing an established injector. With training under her belt, Ali started working to open her own practice.

Partnering with Moxie: Accelerating Ali's Well & Beautiful Med Spa

As she was searching for advice on how to get started, Ali found Moxie and we got to know each other through a series of conversations over a few weeks. In that time, both Ali and our team decided we were a perfect fit for each other: she represented exactly the passion and drive that we look for in partners, and we brought the experience and tools to accelerate her progress. We signed the contract and kicked off working towards her launch! 

To start, we connected Ali with a Medical Director experienced in working with Med Spas. The two of them met and felt their goals were highly aligned, and they decided to work together. We also connected Ali with vetted, fairly priced insurance to make sure her practice is protected.

Ali already had a location in mind as part of Blissful Alchemy, a wellness and aesthetics co-op. Though the suite needed some work, the location promised great exposure for her practice, and Ali was excited about the community of practitioners at the location. 

Ali's Colleagues at Blissful Alchemy

Next, we set up Ali’s software systems: a booking system to facilitate easy online bookings, a simple but effective payments platform, and Moxie Suite for keeping medical records, before/after photos, and patient consents.

Finally, we connected her with all relevant pharma suppliers. We worked with each rep to provide free samples to help her familiarize herself with the range of offerings and treat models as part of her launch.

“Moxie’s support has been awesome. You’ve been there every step of the way. I think that Moxie really gave me the tools and what I needed and the formula for being successful. Once I started following your advice, everything clicked and it was like the champagne cork popped off.”

Soft Launch to Success

Ali started with a soft launch: she treated her friends and family, who kickstarted her growth. Ali followed Moxie’s recommendations to start bringing clients in the door, while we launched her first ad campaigns to tell the world about Well & Beautiful. Through her first three months, for each dollar we spent on marketing, Ali earned over fourteen dollars in sales – a testament to how much her clients love her and what she’s building at Well & Beautiful.

In Ali’s words, the most valuable part of partnering with Moxie has been: “Knowing I’m not alone. 100 million percent knowing I’m not alone. I’m confident building my practice because when I have a question or encounter a challenge, I can turn to my Moxie team – people I trust who have a stake in my success.

Well & Beautiful became profitable within three months of its soft launch, and while Ali will soon be taking a break for her maternity leave, she has big goals for this year, including continuing to build her client base and team. Ultimately, her ambition is to make her practice successful while finding balance with her home life as she prepares to welcome her child to the family. We’re excited to be part of everything to come for Ali and Well & Beautiful!

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