October 18, 2023

From Googling “How to Start a Medspa” to Successful Owner: Meet Lucy Sason 

Moxie Team
“Moxie tells me what their other accounts are doing to be successful, and this has been a huge benefit as a new business owner.”

—Lucy Sason, Lucy’s Laser and Medspa

In the world of aesthetics, Lucy Sason’s story is a testament to big dreams and bold execution.

Lucy, a Registered Nurse turned Nurse Practitioner (CNP), began practicing family medicine in 2017. While her career was flourishing and she loved treating patients, she felt called in another direction.

“When I first became a nurse practitioner, I knew that I wanted to be in the aesthetics world. Getting hired right out of the gate was difficult, so I went into family medicine and I’m super happy I did. I learned a lot about how to talk to patients and be real with them. I developed a lot of trust and rapport within my community.”

After six years in family medicine, Lucy felt like it was time to realize her goal. “I kept having this itch to follow my dream and get into aesthetic medicine. I couldn’t ignore it anymore.” 

After poking around to see if any medspas were hiring, Lucy hit the same dead-ends as years prior. Only this time, she wasn’t willing to put her plans on hold.

“Pretty quickly, I decided to go on my own and create my medspa. I just thought, ‘Even without experience, I am doing this now and I’m going to figure it out’”. 

But as with many leaps forward, the transition from envisioning to realizing was intimidating—especially without prior experience. Fortunately, Lucy is not someone to back away from a challenge.

One Fateful Google Search

To get her medspa off the ground, Lucy first met with a medical attorney. However, it quickly became clear that he wouldn't be able to provide the breadth of practical knowledge that she needed. 

Lucy explains, “The lawyer I was trying to work with wasn't familiar with medspas. I wanted somebody to tell me where to start and I just wasn’t getting that. I was completely overwhelmed and needed real guidance.”

In her quest for answers, Lucy quite literally Googled “how to start a medspa”.

On the results page, Moxie appeared. Immediately, Lucy described looking at the team page and thinking, “Okay, these people seem happy and willing. They seem like they know what they're doing.”

With that, she filled in her information and set up a call. “On that call, I decided to go with Moxie. I'm not a ponderer. I didn't look into any competitors because I didn't have to. I knew that Moxie felt right.”

With Moxie in her corner, Lucy was all in—in a big way. Rather than play it safe and rent a room, she signed a lease and began renovations on a 2,000 square foot state-of-the-art medspa. 

Lucy explains, “Right away, I knew that I didn’t want to rent an 8 by 10 room. I wanted a beautiful medspa. So for me, I was not just onboarding with Moxie and learning how to open my business. I was also doing all my training for aesthetics and completely reconstructing a 2,000 square-foot building.”

Lucy wasn’t oblivious to the risks but she had self-trust. She made the calculated decision to do her vision justice. “Since I was a little girl, I was ‘go big or go home’. So me jumping in head first doesn't shock anyone close to me.” 

And jump in she did.

A, B, C to Opening Day

Locked into her lofty goal, Lucy continued to plug away. She not only needed to finish aesthetic training and renovate her space, but was uncovering the countless moving parts required to open and operate a medspa.

“People think it's easy to go out and open your medspa business, but there's a lot more that goes into it. There are medical directors, a charting system, and standard care agreements. There's a lot of background. It's not as easy as just opening up a room.”

Lucy shared the importance of covering her bases and making sure that everything was set up properly from the get-go. She affirmed how important it was that Moxie was there to “ensure all of the bases were covered”, and described how helpful the roadmap of weekly bite-sized tasks were.

“First off, I thought the start-up fee with Moxie was very fair. Especially when you consider the step-by-step guide for opening my medspa. Every week on my call, it was like ‘Lucy: you have to do A, B, and C! Do it and get it done!’. It was such a nice way to keep everything organized.”

The onboarding process unfolded efficiently, and weekly touchpoints provided Lucy with the clarity and accountability that she craved.

"Moxie's support helped me address various challenges with confidence. Right away, I had to tackle pricing strategies, marketing approaches, getting a medical director and so on. Having Moxie as a resource was incredibly valuable."

Less than four months after Googling “how to start a med spa”, Lucy was ready to open the doors of Lucy’s Laser and Medspa.

A Grand Opening with Grand Results

Having built such a strong connection with her Moxie team, Lucy’s Provider Success Manager, Kendra Waller, decided that she couldn’t miss out on the grand opening. Kendra made the trip from Nashville, Tennessee to Mentor, Ohio to share in the momentous occasion.

Kendra described the opening day of Lucy’s Laser and Medspa as, “Nothing short of amazing!”. She continued by saying, “There were 250 RSVPs and the support for Lucy was palpable. As soon as the first people walked in the door at 5 p.m., we didn't stop. This area needs Lucy. She is knowledgeable, caring and so great with people.”

The grand opening event marked a new beginning and major milestone. Lucy’s Laser and Medspa hit an impressive $20,000 on opening day and it was only up from there. 

Lucy reflects on this achievement, saying, "The grand opening was significant because it occurred right after the onboarding process. We didn’t waste any time, and it all came together. It was a very successful opening and first month of business."

In the first month, Lucy’s Laser and Medspa generated over $42,000 in sales. And she’s just getting started. 

Looking Ahead and Standing Out from the Competition 

In the next few months, Lucy plans to expand her team by hiring an aesthetician to offer additional services. Her goal is to increase her patient base for month-to-month growth.

"In the next 90 days, I think that we'll be hiring staff, possibly an aesthetician," Lucy shares. "I've noticed an influx of new medspas in the area, some of which have emulated my pricing and services. However, I'm not intimidated by competition. I am competitive with myself. I want to grow personally versus watching other people around me."

As a sole business owner, Lucy appreciates having a supportive team to lean on for advice and to share ideas with. Although onboarding is complete, Lucy enjoys weekly meetings with Kendra and monthly business review calls. 

“With Moxie, I get to talk every week about ideas and new ways to market. There’s so much value with Kendra being in a different state. I get to hear about the things happening in Nashville, and get access to Texas, what’s going on in California, and so on. I get ideas on trends and offerings that my local competitors in Ohio have never heard of.”

“With Moxie, I’ve Had Unwavering Support”

“I'm not trying to sound corny, but I work by myself here! I don’t have any co-workers. When I talk with Kendra or Moxie, I feel like I have a friend and my support team. There’s so much value in having people who know what I'm going through and have that experience.”

Lucy's journey from nurse practitioner to the proud owner of a state-of-the-art medspa—in under four months—is triumphant. And while she deserves all of the credit, she says that she couldn’t have done it alone. 

"If you think you can do it on your own or if you're intimidated by the onboarding price or Moxie’s percentage, you have to look at the bigger picture. You have to spend money and invest in good people to help you. If you're not investing in a good team and you think you can do it on your own, you are wrong.”

She continued to say, “Without Moxie, I’d be making it up as I go. I would not have had such a successful grand opening or first month. would not have been able to hit the ground running. With Moxie, I have had unwavering support.”

Lucy's is an inspiring example of how vision, determination, and the right support team can transform your life in a short amount of time. With Lucy at the helm, there’s no doubt that Lucy’s Laser and Medspa will be wildly successful.

The Stats

  • Lucy is a CNP specializing in Family Medicine.
  • Opened Lucy’s Laser and Medspa in Mentor, Ohio in September, 2023.
  • Went from family medicine and googling “How to start a medspa” in less than four months. 
  • $20,000 in sales revenue at the grand opening
  • $42,000 in sales revenue in her first month.
  • Booking link.
  • Website.

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