October 19, 2022

Launching Citrus Aesthetics

Moxie Team


Jessica is a Physician Associate who trained in aesthetics at the Swiss Aesthetic Institute with Julie Horne, one of the top aesthetics experts in the world. She had over a year of experience at a Medspa in Arizona where she was especially focused on PDO Thread Lifts. She and her family had moved to California, and with the world having fully reopened after COVID, Jessica decided now was the time to realize her dream of opening her own Medspa.

“When I began in Emergency Medicine and then transitioned into aesthetics, I began to realize my dream and vision of opening up my own medical aesthetics clinic. I knew I had the necessary skills, the drive, perseverance and passion but I didn’t have the business insight or experience. That’s where Moxie came in to make my dream a reality."

We met Jessica in the Spring 2022 as she was just starting to get serious about opening a practice, and got to know each other over a few weeks. Though this would be Jessica’s first time opening a business, we were impressed by her drive, commitment, and experience. We knew she had the potential to build a standout practice. We ultimately decided to work together in July!

Launching Citrus

As soon as we signed our contract, we got to work supporting her launch. We introduced Jessica to a Medical Director who was experienced working with Medspas. The two of them hit it off, and decided to work together. Once that relationship was in place, we set Jessica up with an insurance broker who specialized in Medspas to make sure she would be adequately protected.

Meanwhile, Jessica started scouting out potential locations. She ultimately wanted to build a full service Medspa, so she considered a range of potential locations including ones that could expand to fit up to four treatment rooms. After considering all options and working through the numbers together, she ultimately settled on a suite in Mission Valley. Though it was smaller than some options she considered, she decided that scale of initial investment would better let her build her practice steadily and profitably.

Jessica's suite coming together!

We gave Jessica guidance on what to look for in an appropriate suite, and what to look out for in a lease as she negotiated terms and ultimately she signed her lease. Equipped with our recommended inventory and office supply list, she quickly started turning her suite into a place her clients would feel welcome and comfortable.

Next, we set up her relationships with all relevant pharma suppliers. We negotiated directly with each, securing her free product and discounts so she could treat initial models as part of a soft launch.

In parallel, we set up Jessica’s software systems: her booking system to facilitate easy online bookings, payments, and her charting software for keeping medical records and compliant before/after photos.

"Having Moxie’s assistance in guiding me through all the steps was essential in starting my practice. They educated me, connected me to resources and explicitly laid out each step to make my business a success. Although it still took a lot of effort, time, and dedication, their help was truly key to efficiently and effectively starting my medspa. Whenever I needed help, they were available and always had my back. I felt like they were as invested in me as I was in myself, which brought me peace of mind in this grandiose undertaking!"

With all that in place, Jessica treated her first client in August, 7 weeks after we began working together!

Growing Citrus

During the soft launch period, Jessica treated her friends and family to begin building word of mouth and get initial reviews. From there, we got to work growing her practice. Jessica set up her social media pages and website, and had a photoshoot to add polished, professional photos to her website and initial social media posts. 

Jessica used citrus imagery to make her brand fresh and memorable.

We provided a playbook for how to get her first paying customers locally, and then kicked off paid marketing once she had an initial base of reviews across platforms. For her paid marketing campaign we designed an initial promotion to reach new clients, set targeting parameters, and tested a series of ads. We provided guidance for how to handle inquiries, and Jessica took over from there, responding to new client interest quickly and effectively. Through her first two months, we spent $614 on marketing to reach clients who have spent $9,480, driving an excellent $15 in sales for every dollar spent on marketing. 

Even with Jessica working 2-3 days/week at the practice (while still maintaining her urgent care job), Citrus brought in over $10,000 in sales in the first month, becoming cash flow positive in its first month, and grew to over $18,000 in sales in the second month.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what Jessica had to say:

"I was beyond excited to finally be treating my very own clients, establishing trusting relationships and giving excellent aesthetics results for my clients! I was off to a running start with the help of Moxie! It was a lot of work and a huge learning curve but it is 100% worth it. My initial two month’s success at Citrus Aesthetics has been so exhilarating and such a dream come true!"

Less than two months after opening, Jessica has over 24 Google Reviews, with a perfect 5-star average rating. We’re thrilled to be Jessica’s partners as she builds Citrus! Next time you’re in Mission Valley, California make sure to pay Citrus a visit.

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