October 6, 2023

Med Spa Owner Finally Finds the Right Partner in Moxie

Moxie Team
“The percentage that Moxie gets is very reasonable. And they do a lot of the business stuff. Compared to before, Moxie is taking much, much less.”

—Jeannie Jhu, owner of ReJHUvenate Aesthetics & Dermatology

After leaving a challenging collaboration, ReJHUvenate has found a home at Moxie. 

Jeannie Jhu, PA-C, has been honing her skills in aesthetic medicine and dermatology since 2010. Prior to aesthetics, Jeannie worked in the fast-paced world of surgery. While she loved making a deep impact on her patients, she wanted to strike a better work-life balance.

“I was in surgery for about eight years and in that time, I had two children. I decided I didn't want to be on call anymore and have that kind of lifestyle.”

The unpredictable schedule and on-call demands of surgery pushed Jeannie to explore new opportunities. This led her to the world of dermatology, where she discovered her passion for aesthetic medicine.

“Initially, I thought I would check out dermatology to see how to fix my own skin. Once I got there and began to learn more, I fell in love. From there, I started to do more aesthetic stuff and then I really fell in love.” 

More Than Just Skin-Deep

While dermatology was the gateway, aesthetic medicine unlocked a whole new realm. 

“Aesthetics is a little bit of art, a little bit of science, and a little bit of luck. It's having a mystery that you need to solve, like ‘How can I get this person the result they want in the best and most cost-effective way?’. I love helping people look natural while still giving them a noticeable improvement.” 

Jeannie’s appreciation for aesthetic medicine is much deeper than surface level. 

“It’s a great feeling when someone looks at themselves and goes, ‘Wow, there I am.’ They walk out a very different person. They have more confidence, they feel better, and they engage with the world differently. If I could give everyone that, I would.”

Jeannie has seen how cosmetic medicine has positively impacted the mental health and wellness of her patients. In fact, Jeannie was so moved by the correlation between aesthetic and mental health that she wrote a master’s thesis on the subject. 

“Through research, we’ve seen that clearing up chronic skin disease actually improves depression. I think the same concept can be applied to signs of aging. Basically, when we feel better about how we look, we feel better. I help people to feel better about themselves.”

Harnessing aesthetics to impact the mental health of patients, Jeannie had found her calling and her clients recognized it. As a seasoned pro with years of experience, her clients touted her as being the best in the biz. 

One client shared: “Jeannie is one of a kind. She has a natural ability to do what is right for your face almost without you having to say it. She does this with craft, experience, and a gentle touch. I don't think I would trust anyone else to do what she can do. If you find yourself in her chair, you have hit the jackpot of injectors.” 

Another client who’s received Botox, lip fillers, microneedling, and more called Jeannie a “magician,” saying that she has “had the privilege of being her client for several years.”

Despite creating a loyal client base who recognized her unique abilities, Jeannie had one problem: she had not found the right partner to help her fully realize her vision.

Navigating a Challenging Partnership

Before working with Moxie, Jeannie had partnered with another company to launch ReJHUvenate Aesthetics Med Spa. However, she quickly realized that this partnership was not right. She felt restricted in the services she could offer and did not have full control over her business.

"In my previous collaboration, I was not allowed to do the things that I wanted to do. I did not have full control over what services I could offer and what I could even get trained for. I couldn’t steer the direction that I took my own business in.”

On top of the organizational and logistical issues, Jeannie found that the financial upside was less than satisfactory. 

“This first partner had me working a lot. I was in a place where I was working more, but not really seeing any benefit. It just didn't make sense to me.”

This is when Jeannie debated the fate of ReJHUvenate. She wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, but something had to give. She thought about running her med spa without a partner, but knew that the business back-end would be too burdensome.

When researching alternative partners to help manage the med spa’s logistics, Jeannie came across Moxie. On her first call, Jeannie felt that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“Right away, Moxie felt straightforward. They were very transparent and consistent, which is something I did not have. Then, when I did a little research and I saw everything that they were going to be able to help me with, I felt like I was getting much more value with Moxie.”

This is when Jeannie made the decision to cut ties with her first collaborating partner. 

Gaining Control (and Income)

Moxie supported Jeannie as she transitioned out of her challenging partnership. As soon as she made the leap, she began to reap the rewards and unlock value—from administrative setup to running ads and social media. 

“I feel I'm getting much more value with Moxie because of the support, the bookings, the person who answers the phone—all of that. I think that it's a very equitable deal. Plus, taking the whole advertising and that business side off of my plate has been such a relief."

Jeannie draws a parallel to her previous partnership, “Before, I didn't feel that way. I know many other providers from my old collaboration that were questioning, ‘Wait, you're taking how much and what are you doing for me?’ I have found that the value that Moxie is providing is well worth it.”

Since joining Moxie, Jeannie has not only gained a genuine partnership and business support, but an increase in income as well. 

“Overall, I have seen a noticeable increase in income. The percentage that Moxie gets is very reasonable. And they do a lot of the business stuff. Compared to before, Moxie is taking much, much less.”

With Risk Comes Reward

Jeannie's journey from surgery to med spa ownership hasn’t been a simple one. While she found her passion in aesthetics and opened her med spa, she had to work doubly hard to course correct and realign with the right partner.

But with risk, comes reward. Since joining Moxie, Jeannie has finally been afforded the independence, transparency, and income that she deserved from the get-go. 

“Moxie has given me the freedom to confidently have my own business, which is truly my own and feels like my own. I finally get to use my expertise and make the call without having to ask anyone. For me, the value is absolute freedom. And it's really nice.”

Reflecting on “then” and “now”, Jeannie added that, “Before Moxie, it was so hard to do everything that needed to be done and keep my business afloat. Without Moxie, I might’ve gotten a job in another office and just seen my patients there. But the fact is, I didn't want another job, I wanted this. And Moxie helped me get it.”

With the path clear, ReJHUvenate is reaching more patients than ever. After finding her calling and outlet to help people, Jeannie is at the top of her game. The future of aesthetics is bright with providers like Jeannie pushing the industry forward.

The Stats

  • Jeannie is a PA-C specializing in Medical Dermatology.
  • Opened ReJHUvenate Aesthetics Med Spa in 2022 in Walnut Creek, CA.
  • Jeannie left her first collaborating partner to join Moxie in spring, 2023.
  • Jeannie has regained control over business and increased her income.
  • 59% revenue increase between month 2 and 3 with Moxie, and continues to exceed growth targets.
  • Booking link.
  • Website.

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