How ReJHUvenate Increased Revenue & Business Freedom by Partnering with Moxie

October 6, 2023
Moxie Team

The Challenge: A Restrictive Collaboration 

Jeannie Jhu is a PA-C with over a decade of experience in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. She launched her medspa, ReJHUvenate Aesthetics & Dermatology, to achieve a better work-life balance and live out her calling of harnessing aesthetics to positively impact the mental health of her patients. (She even wrote a master’s thesis on the subject. 🧠) 

Despite creating a loyal client base at her medspa, Jeannie didn’t have the business partnership or freedom she needed to continue to grow. "In my previous collaboration, I was not allowed to do the things that I wanted to do. I did not have full control over what services I could offer and what I could even get trained for. I couldn’t steer the direction that I took my own business in,” she shared.

On top of the organizational and logistical issues she faced, Jeannie found the financial returns disappointing. “This first partner had me working a lot. I was in a place where I was working more, but not seeing any benefit. It just didn't make sense to me.”

It was clear she needed a change. Although Jeannie considered running her med spa on her own, she wanted a strategic partner to help manage the business and logistical side of things to alleviate some of the burden.

The Solution: A Consistent & Trustworthy Business Partner 

In her research for a new partner, Jeannie came across Moxie. On her first call, Jeannie noticed a difference.

“Right away, Moxie felt straightforward. They were very transparent and consistent, which is something I did not have. When I saw everything they were going to be able to help me with, I felt like I was getting much more value with Moxie,” she shared.

Jeannie was able to transition out of her challenging partnership and immediately get the help she was looking for to increase her revenue—from administrative setup to marketing and business help. “I'm getting much more value with Moxie because of the support, the bookings, the person who answers the phone—all of that. It's a very equitable deal. Plus, taking all of the advertising and business side off of my plate has been such a relief," she said.

The Results: Increased Revenue & Business Freedom

ReJHUvenate Aesthetics & Dermatology saw a 59% increase in revenue working with Moxie. And Jeannie’s been able to keep more of those profits to continue expanding her medspa and offerings. “I have seen a noticeable increase in income. Plus the percentage that Moxie gets is very reasonable. Compared to before, Moxie is taking much, much less,” she shared.

Teaming up with Moxie has also given Jeannie the independence, transparency, and support she deserved from the get-go.

“Moxie has given me the freedom to confidently have my own business, which is truly my own and feels like my own. I finally get to use my expertise and make the call without having to ask anyone. For me, the biggest value is absolute freedom.”

Jeannie added, “Before Moxie, it was so hard to do everything that needed to be done and keep my business afloat. Without Moxie, I might’ve gotten a job in another office. But the fact is, I didn't want another job. I wanted this. And Moxie helped me get it.”

Now, ReJHUvenate is reaching more patients than ever. And with the right partner to support her she can continue to grow her medspa empire and lead the pack in her industry.

Reach out to one of our specialists at Moxie today to learn more about how you can be in business for yourself – not by yourself!

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