April 10, 2023

Effective Strategies to Attract First Patients as a New Cosmetic Injector

Moxie Team

Are you a new cosmetic injector looking to attract your first patients? You are not alone, and you’ve come to the right place. 

Starting a new cosmetic nursing business is as exciting as it is challenging. The key to success lies in implementing effective strategies to grow your client base and build a stellar reputation from the jump. 

Read on as we will explore proven tactics to build up your business, and get your first loyal cosmetic clients through the door. Let’s get you recognized as the skilled, trustworthy aesthetics industry injector that you are!

Set-up Your Medspa Business Fundamentals

As a new injector, one of your primary goals will be to attract new clients. To achieve this, you need to employ strategies that will help you reach a wider audience and pique their interest in your services. 

First things first, build a comprehensive medspa business plan and marketing plan for your aesthetics business. This will keep you grounded, and help you get your head around all that’s required to set-up and grow your medspa business. Your marketing plan should combine both traditional and digital tactics—like referrals or local ads and running paid ads.

Here are a few marketing fundamentals for building reach for your medspa:

  • Create a professional website that showcases your skills and services. Remember: a website is your 24/7 storefront so make sure it’s branded, on point, and let your clients self-serve and book appointments.
  • Invest in local search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online visibility through reviews and a local Google Business Profile.
  • Run targeted online advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Meta. Chances are this will prove to be a major part of your early medspa growth.

Across your marketing, it’s important to have your tone, voice, and visual brand keyed in. You want to set yourself up as a certified, trusted, and professional aesthetic nurse or cosmetic injector. 

Read our post on patient acquisition marketing 101 and building a robust marketing funnel.

The Power of Personal Branding in the Aesthetics Industry

In today's digital age, personal branding plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining clients. By developing your personal brand, you can effectively communicate your expertise and values to your target audience. While a lot of this is done in-clinic with your clients, the other portion takes place online. 

Personal and professional branding for your medspa business involves the following:  

1. Showcasing Your Unique Skills:

  • Highlight your unique skills and personality to stand out in a competitive industry.
  • Personal branding instills confidence in potential clients, making them more likely to choose you.
  • Tell your story on your website and online. Your story (whether you think it’s plain jane or not) helps you connect with people and will set you apart. 
  • Collect and showcase testimonials and before-and-after pictures from satisfied clients.
Looking to train or upgrade your cosmetic nurse certification? Read Aesthetic Nurse Certification Requirements & How to Choose the Right Nurse Injector Training Program.

2. Leveraging Social Media:

  • Identify the platforms your target audience is most active on (think: Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok).
  • Create engaging and educational content that resonates with your audience (see below for more details)
  • Share before-and-after pictures and success stories. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Engage with your audience by responding promptly to comments and messages. 

3. Creating Engaging Content:

  • Find your niche! Starting out with a few select aesthetic services (like injections, or chemical peels, or laser) will help you build a reputation faster. Zero-in and focus before branching out. This helps with curating content and building a brand.
  • Create the “why” behind the content you share on your website and social media. It should offer value to your potential clients and never come across as self-serving.
  • Address the specific needs and interests of your target audience—What do they like? What are they looking for? How can you help them achieve their goals?
  • Collaborate with industry experts to create valuable content. Buddying up in the beginning with cross-pollination posting can literally double your audience size. 

Personal branding is an ongoing process that requires consistency, authenticity, and genuine passion for your work. It also comes from honest story-telling. You have something to say, so say it! Let your audience get to know you and what makes you stand out. Find your angle and keep at it. 

Collaborate You Aesthetics Brand to the Top

Collaborating with other businesses and finding an aesthetics mentor or partner, can be make or break in getting your business off the ground. By partnering with businesses that share a similar target audience, you can tap into new networks and potentially gain new clients. Here's how:

1. Find the Right Partners:

  • Seek a medspa partner that can offer you a playbook for success. Whether it’s another medspa, a trusted medical advisor, or a genuine business partnership (like Moxie), it will give you a running start.
  • Attend networking events and industry conferences to connect with potential partners.

2. Maximizing the Benefits of Cross-Promotion:

  • Create joint marketing campaigns, co-host events, and offer exclusive promotions.
  • Implement referral programs to exchange clients, benefiting both parties.

3. Connecting with Local Businesses for Referrals:

  • Reach out to local spas, salons, and beauty stores to build collaborative relationships.
  • Offer to provide injectable services to their clients while giving them a referral commission.

4. Hosting Educational Events Online or in Your Community:

  • Organize educational events or seminars to showcase your expertise and gain the trust of potential clients.

Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in the Industry

The medspa market is red hot, but it can be difficult to get your start. Many established medspas are reluctant to hire and train newbies.

Here are some tips to getting up and running: 

  1. Showcase your passion for aesthetics and commitment to continuous learning with specialized training and certifications. 
  2. Prepare a portfolio showcasing your skills and before-and-after pictures and shining referrals and testimonials. 
  3. Network with industry professionals and attend industry events to expand your connections.
  4. Build an online presence, branding and niche. 
  5. Consider opening your own medspa! You can get up and running in just 60 days with a partner like Moxie. Learn more about how to open a medspa without financial backing.

By implementing these strategies and tips, you can effectively attract your first patients as a new injector. Remember, building a successful practice takes time and dedication, so stay focused, provide exceptional service, and continue to refine your skills. 

Learn more about how Moxie helps new cosmetic nurse injectors become medspa owners!

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